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Liberland Coronavirus Response Centre

We are building a community of people that want to effectively fight the spread of coronavirus by providing do it yourself (DIY) manuals as well as helping people to make wholesale orders.

Order large quantities with trusted factories

In case of interest, contact:¨

Do-it-yourself Section


  • Crowdfight COVID-19 - Global - An initiative from the scientific community to put all available resources at the service of the fight against COVID-19
  • DámeRoušky - CZ - People offering homemade masks
  • SousedskaPomoc - CZ - Created to provide food and medicine to people most at risk of coronavirus infection with the help of volunteers.
  • Zostaň Zdravý - SK - Mobile application to notify people when they may be infected
  • Folding@home - COVID19 - Global - Distributed computations research to help find a cure for COVID19. Liberland team id - 254841. Statistics
  • [1] NESCI / - Global - NESCI headed by Yaneer Bar-Yam - 20 open-source ventilator projects, non-invasive anonymous contact tracing. 4500 volunteers.
  • [] NESCI worked with and Slack created US wide HIPPA compliant slack.


Behind the scenes

We will use the donation to improve this page as well as to build up a stock of material and equipment for humanitarian purposes. We also want to make sure that Liberlanders don't rely on failing national medical systems. For a donation, you can use a USD account of z.s. IBAN CZ0620100000002901580478 BIC FIOBCZPPXXX Bank Address Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1

You can also donate directly to Liberland.

  • If you are a US resident, we recommend you donate through the Liberland Aid Foundation in order to receive tax benefits. Cryptocurrency also accepted.
  • Substantial donations to our cause will make you eligible for Liberland citizenship as well as will give you privileged rights and access to the shared equipment.
  • For more information, contact: