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Liberlanders are fundraising to save the lives of people who have to rely upon failing medical systems in Europe. We can expect that hospitals in most European countries will be vastly overwhelmed with patients if they are not already. In Spain, patients over 75 are denied care. In Italy, the age of patients denied care is now at 85 years. We believe that through swift fundraising action we can save lives. We are also focused on protecting medical workers in the hardest-hit countries around us - and our neighbors. That is why we are sending protective shields to Croatian and Serbian hospitals.

Subject Destination Status
Ventilator Draeger Oxylog 2000 Liberland community in Europe Purchased for $3000 USD, deliver by April 8
2x Ventilator Astral 150 Liberland Community in Europe Ordered for $20,000 USD, waiting for delivery
1200x Full face mask plastic shields Hospitals in Zagreb, Belgrade, Sombor, Prague Ordered, delivery March 30
5000x FFP2 respirators Hospitals in Zagreb, Belgrade, Sombor, Prague $10,000 USD, Currently fundraising, please join us

Join our effort by contributing to the Free Republic of Liberland budget.